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American Wild Sides Kennels
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Breeding only all American bloodlines since 1976.

Some of the world's purest ZEBO, Indian Bolio and Angus.

Dibo and Old Family Red Nose crossings.

We have 036 dogs at this moment.



What is a fighting bulldog? Is it pit bull?

In part yes, but today I can tell you… NOT! The dogs the people call “pit bull” today are far away from the original pit bull used in dog fighting in the past, we can't say that a little part of today's pit bull, that are fully descendant of the great Champions of the past, is the same of that “show dogs” pit bulls, so we proudly call them to their ORIGINAL name, that was Bulldog… Fighting Bulldog. Many of today's pit bull aren't match dogs and even can be called as that, they're bizarre show dogs and nothing more.

Why chose I the Zebo, Indian Bolio and Angus bloodlines if they are menbiter dogs?

These dogs are really aggressive against the men but these are the bests fully combat bulldogs I ever seen. I've bred nice bloodlines as Ironhead, Carver, Red Boy and some Eli dogs, all were great bloodlines but can't be compared with a pure Zebo, Bolio or Angus. All were and are great bloodlines but these three are simply the bests.


Why Dibo/OFRN crossings?

This crossing was the best I've found to work on to have and sold not very expensive dogs as Zebo or Angus but with high skills. The OFRN when bred to Dibo produce 79% of very nice fighting bulldogs with both skills and mouth.

What makes the American bloodlines as Zebo best than many others around the world?

This isn't some kind of American proud but I've never heard about some bloodline around the world that could defeat fully Zebo, Bolio or Angus dogs to firm its position as the best. Isolated winning means nothing.

Who was the best Zebo dog in the world?

First, of course, Adams' Zebo himself and I believe that Stepp's Willie was the best as performer and Hughe's Gator as producer.

Where can I find dogs descendants of the American Wild Sides Kennels if I'm not in USA and have not much money to import one?

I've sold out dogs to many countries in Europe, Australia, Center and South America, even to Asia.
Europe: Croatia, Yugoslavia, Germany, Italy, Greece.
Center America: Mexico.
South America: Brazil, Peru, Uruguay.
Asia: Thailand, Okinawa.

Great dogs gallery – memorial

American Wild Sides Kennels' Shadow Hit (1987-1999) – one of the greatest Zebo dogs I ever bred. Produced nice bulldogs when bred to Silenced as Bomber Storm, Black Storm (sold out to Brazil), O.C. Gator's Tomb, Ryu (sold out to Mexico) and Raika (sold out to Croatia).

American Wild Sides Kennels' Blind Peter (1979-1990) – this three legged dog was gameness himself. Sired Shreder, Tyrano, Toro and Texas Landshark as the studs and Silenced, Sylence and Babe Petrol as the bitches.

American Wild Sides Kennels' Oolio (1977-1985) – this Bolio bulldog was very efficient as performer and producer. I've bred Oolio with one of his litter mate to produce Exterminator, the best head dog wrestler I ever seen.

American Wild Sides Kennels' Red Croc (1981-1988) – Red Boy blood.

AWS' Rob Bob (1980-1987) – Zebo/Jeep blood.

AWS' Niger Anne (1978-1989) – Eli blood.

AWS' Shadow (1977-1983) – Ironhead blood.

Mighty (1975-1985)

Super Gnat's Gr Ch Angus

Fitch's Ch Diamond Jim